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5 Things We Do Better

Why Us

Technical Expertise

1. When you work with Heidler Roofing, you'll work with our professionally trained and knowledgeable staff. We provide in-house training for our roofing crews, so you can count on highly qualified and experienced roofing mechanics and technicians on every job. Plus, we maintain separate roofing crews, each specializing in residential, commercial or specialty roofing to maximize quality. Our high level of expertise means we don't need to utilize the services of sub-contractors to complete even the most complex projects. All of our roofing work is completed by our in-house staff.

Legendary Service

2. Products and technology don't begin to fulfill the promise behind "Who We Are" here at Heidler Roofing Services. We are "can-do" people who are talented, skilled, motivated and energized to do our best. We believe our people will out-do our competitors every time, because we have the talent, motivation and energy to do so. In short, we want every customer to be able to say "I chose the right roofing contractor with Heidler Roofing Services."

High-Quality Product Lines

3. Getting the best results starts with the best products in the industry. That's why we only work with suppliers that have an established reputation for providing quality roofing products that meet our strict standards. We're proud to represent roofing product lines from some of the best names in the roofing industry including Carlisle, Firestone, Tremco, Garland, GAF and many more.

FREE Professionally Written Estimates & Proposals

4. While free estimates have become a standard in the roofing industry, we take our estimates and proposals one step further. We take the time to talk with our customers about their specific needs and craft an estimate or proposal that includes all the details. You won't just get a number. You'll get an understanding of the entire job from start to finish.

Commitment to Safety

5. At Heidler Roofing we take the safety of our crews, building occupants and other tradesmen very seriously. That's why we employ a full-time in-house Safety Director to oversee our job sites and handle safety inspections that ensure our compliance with all industry and regulatory standards set forth by OSHA and MOSH.