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Our Roofing Maintenance Plans
Extend the Life of Your Roof

Talk with us about one of our affordable preventative maintenance plans for your roof.
Whether it's new or old a regular inspection will keep your roof in tip-tip shape.

Why Have a Roof Maintenance Plan?

You maintain your car with regular oil changes and inspections. Why? To extend its life and make sure it's in good operating condition to help avoid costly repairs. The same thing holds true for your roof. Regular inspections can avoid major issues down the road. And here's something else to think about... you're offered warranties on our work. Inspections can uncover issues that are covered by those warranties so you can make a claim and save money.

Increase the Longevity of Your Roof

By conducting periodic inspections you can nip things in the bud to prevent damage that could lead to roof replacement. Inspecting a roof to ensure proper drainage will avoid standing water, for example. Poor drainage accelerates deterioration of roofing material which can shorten the life of your commercial roof. It can also create leaks that can saturate your insulation leading to a full roof replacement.

Leaks, in particular, are a problem waiting to happen. They often lead to unseen issues like rotting wood, mold, wet insulation, and corrosion. Equally important, leaks can be hard to detect. A roof inspection by a trained roofing contractor can pinpoint the area, repair the leak and extend the life of your roof.

Prevent Costly Major Repairs

Little things add up. A minor leak can turn into a major repair if left unattended. That's where routine inspections can help. Roof inspections can uncover weak seams around pipes, skylights, exhaust fans, and HVAC units that can lead to water penetration. Resealing those seams can prevent that penetration. So, for a few bucks for sealant and inspection, you can avoid a major repair or, worse still, a full roof replacement.

Keep Your Roof Energy Efficient

Some roofs include coatings to help protect the roof from ultra-violet light, not to mention heat gains. Those coatings can deteriorate over time reducing their reflective and cooling effects. An inspection can uncover those weak areas so that the coating can be reapplied to retain the roof's energy-efficient properties.

What Is Included In the Plan?

We can tailor a plan to fit your budget and roofing concerns. Here are some of the key items covered by our plans.

Preventative Inspections

As you've heard, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That applies to your roofing as well. We recommend spring and fall inspections. Why? Spring is important to check for any damage caused by winter storms. Fall is important to prep your roof for those winter storms and also check for any damage that might have happened from summer storms. It also pays to have your roof inspected immediately following a severe storm where hail, heavy rain or snow can create repair issues.

Roof Cleaning

A simple roof cleaning can prevent damage to your roofing system. Gutters should be cleaned every six to 12 months and flushed with water to make sure they're draining properly. Entrance and exit areas to downspouts should also be cleared. Moss and mold should be removed as they can cause major damage to your roof. Any debris should be cleared to avoid pooling of water that can lead to leaks.

Leak Repair with Leak Squad

When you see water where it shouldn't be, just call our Leak Squad team. They'll respond and handle leak repairs paying close attention to flashing, caulked areas, and cracks where water can penetrate. Replacement flashing or application of a fresh sealant can stem those leaks that lead to major roof repairs.

Tenant Fit-outs

If you are a tenant or have a tenant, we can work with you to make the necessary upgrades to your roofing system. We'll discuss your fit-out requests, estimate them and perform all necessary upgrades.

Maintenance Agreements

Although you can get any of our services, à la carte, we also offer maintenance plans designed to cover your major concerns. We'll notify you, schedule your services and take care of any items covered in the agreement.

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We know roofing. Period. We've been doing it since 1959 so you can depend on our experts to get the job done right the first time. Plus, you won't find better service from any roofing contractor. All projects are documented by a roofing technician in a custom app complete with photographs and issue documentation. Documentation is stored on iPads to share with you and address any issues or concerns you might have. We want you to be aware of things every step of the way.

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