A woman with a clipboard examines the plants of a rooftop garden

Transforming Commercial Building Roofs: Exploring Innovative Rooftop Spaces

Are you looking to maximize your commercial property’s rooftop space? Or maybe you’re renovating your building and want to give it a new look. When you’re ready to embrace a new way of looking at your commercial property, call the roofing professionals who know the ins and outs of innovative rooftop spaces. We can help you determine what new and exciting uses for your commercial building roof’s space are appropriate for your building.

As a commercial property owner, you should research and understand your building’s zoning laws. If you have the freedom to re-use and re-discover your commercial rooftop space, you should take the time to consider some of the impressive and innovative rooftop spaces used by building owners just like you.

Create an Oasis with Rooftop Gardens

A low-angle view of a rooftop garden with raised garden boxes.

Green roofs and rooftop gardens provide your commercial building roof with attractive and energy-efficient spaces. Gardens and plant-focused innovative rooftop spaces can help mitigate what is known as the urban heat island effect. This term describes how cities and urban landscapes have poor heat mitigation due to abundant concrete, asphalt, and other artificial materials. These artificial materials are heavily used in a city and typically don’t dissipate heat like trees, grass, and other greenery can.

Rooftop gardens provide a way to improve urban biodiversity and energy efficiency by countering this ‘heat island’ effect. Additionally, this can provide benefits such as sustainability, improved air quality, and the use of rainwater. The downside to these commercial building roofs is that the functional plants require upkeep and management, which causes more work for you or your office management team.

Invite More Visitors with Rooftop Dining Spaces

Many restaurants and dining establishments have creatively used their innovative rooftop spaces for outdoor dining spaces. This functionally adds to the number of customers you can manage but can require heavy renovations and re-design of your commercial building roof. You should pay particular attention to the zoning and safety of the spaces to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Another consideration is that the rooftop dining space won’t see much use throughout the winter. However, having additional space for visitors through the summer can pay for itself over the years. This provides ample opportunities to create a restaurant aesthetic that can quickly become a landmark in your city.

Enhance Your Green Image with Solar Panels

A flat roof that has multiple rows of solar panels installed on top of it

With climate change continuing to be a hot topic, installing solar panels on a commercial building’s roof can easily improve a company’s reputation. Solar technology has continually innovated, removing many past challenges to rooftop solar installations.

Solar panels, shingles, and other energy solutions have experienced design and technology improvements that reduce weight, increase efficiency, and prevent damage to your rooftops. Solar solutions can enhance your building’s energy efficiency and give your business the image of being forward-thinking and eco-friendly.

Explore Your Options with Recreational Spaces

Many residential facilities use their innovative rooftop space to provide recreational space. Residents often cite amenities as a major draw for their apartment choices, which can improve camaraderie and tenant retention. Commercial rooftops can see many benefits when creating a committed recreational space, such as employee time spent on-site, employee retention, and happiness.

Some standard options for recreation space on a commercial building roof include rooftop gardens, play areas for children, or even smaller sports spaces like pickleball or squash courts. Embracing your roof as a common space is a great way to enhance feelings of community for those who spend time in your building.

Benefit Your Health and Focus with Rooftop Relaxation

A rooftop space with small potted shrubs and four lounge chairs around a small table.

Provide employees with an oasis by adding a rooftop relaxation space to your commercial roof. A dedicated space for short breaks throughout the day can benefit employee retention, happiness, and productivity. Simply providing your outdoor spaces with durable seating and covered areas for shade and protection from the elements can add to your aesthetic and curb appeal.

This type of space doesn’t just benefit offices. Residential buildings, such as nursing homes, can also help the well-being of residents. Fresh air is always good for health, especially in locations with good weather. Hotels can benefit from providing guests with more ways to spend their vacation and travel in a relaxing ambiance.

Design Your Vision with Heidler Roofing

When creating a new space on your commercial building roof, you want to make the most of it. Your team, your residents, or your visitors will want to know that you are a person who considers the little things, from the plants you choose to the design you create. Let us help you make your building a place that people across your city will point to and want to know more about.

We at Heidler Roofing take pride in our work and process and want to share our expertise. We want to empower you to make the most of your roof, whether bringing nature to your team or providing your company with a new way to bring in business. So call us today and help us understand what you envision for your buildings, and we’ll help make that dream a reality.