A top-down view of an industrial roof, including the HVAC and venting systems

Revive, Repair, Renew: Explore Industrial Roofing Repair Solutions

Are you concerned about leaks and holes in your industrial building’s roof? Or worried that your commercial property’s roof needs replacement? Industrial and commercial roofing systems need to secure your facility from the elements. Contractors for metal roof and PVC roof repairs need certain skills and knowledge to ensure proper industrial roofing repair or replacement. This specialized experience is why you should only trust commercial roofing contractors with your industrial location.

The roofing industry is largely split into residential and commercial roof contractors, though many companies employ both. Because of the unique roofing materials that commercial roofs are made of, you need to know that your roofing system will be handled by a contractor who knows industrial roofs like the back of their hand. We are the kind of company that you can trust with your roofing replacement, repair, and restoration needs and here is how to know when these needs are in front of you.

Common Industrial Roofing Repair Issues

How do you know when to seek out industrial roofing repairs? Holes and leaks are obvious signs of damage, but these signs will halt production and result in a loss of time and money. An industrial roofing company will know how to spot these issues before they become apparent. You can avoid these by looking for some of the following early signs of damage:

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Pooling Water

Commercial and industrial roofing systems are typically flat or nearly so. Standing and pooling water on flat roofs need to be avoided, as they will cause damage through added weight and erosion.

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Flashing Damage

Properly maintained and installed flashing will protect your roof’s seams and walls. Flush flashing will prevent water from penetrating into vulnerable areas of your roof. When it’s damaged, your roof suffers.

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Depending on the quality of the material and make of your roof, you might be at risk of tenting and wrinkling. This problem is the result of air and water entering the seams of your flat roof system.

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The most common cause of roof damage is harsh weather and damage. Weather-driven erosion leads to rust on metal roofing or punctures and tears on rubber and plastic roofing materials.

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Tree branches, debris, and even errant pieces of HVAC or equipment can puncture and damage your roof field. This issue can lead to further damage and require roof replacement or repair.

As you can see, many damages are connected. Punctures lead to tenting, and pooling water leads to erosion. Your roof’s life is dependent on many factors. That’s why preventative maintenance and regular industrial roof inspections are so important. They alert you to needed repairs and replacements before they become more expensive than you can afford.

Commercial Roof Repair, Replacement, or Restoration. Which is Right for You?

Damage to industrial roofing systems can be costly to fix, but there are three options for saving your business building: commercial roof repair, replacement, and restoration. Each one of these options has individual benefits for roofs of all kinds, but you will want to know what the options are when you consult a commercial roofing company.

Industrial Roof Replacements

A view of an industrial roofing system with multiple HVAC systems in a row.

Our industrial roofing contractors offer quality roofing services for commercial buildings in the Mid-Atlantic. Industrial roof replacement involves removing and replacing your building’s existing roof system. This option should be treated as an investment in your building, since it will be your most expensive option. A new roof can last over 50 years or more, which means, with preventative maintenance, you might never have to deal with roofing issues again.

Industrial Roof Repair

Flat roof repairs are among the most commonly requested roofing services. Industrial roof repair is ideal for localized damage. If a tree branch has punctured your roof or water damage has caused a large leak, this is your option. Repairs will not improve the life of your roof but will prevent further damage from spreading. The cost and difficulty will depend on your industrial roofing type, so when getting an estimate, you should discuss your building’s system with the roofing contractor.

Industrial Roof Restoration

Industrial roof restoration is an option for many, and it can extend your roofing system’s life by at least a few years. Roof restoration typically involves coating your roof in a waterproof material and adding a new layer of protection on top of the existing roofing system. Restoration is a great option if you can’t afford to install a new roof at your location.

These three options should be discussed in terms of the potential benefits they pose to your building. When speaking with your roofing contractor, make sure you have all the information you need to make the best-informed decision possible.

For Industrial Roofing Repair, Restoration, and Replacement, Call Us!

Your roofing systems are invisible, protecting you from the elements and maintaining your business 24/7. Until they don’t. When damages appear, you need to depend on an industrial roofing company or contractor that understands the importance of your business. Industrial roofing repair, replacement, and restoration are difficult to estimate if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of commercial building roof systems.

Your roofing project should be handled by a group of professional roofing contractors that you can trust with your building’s health and safety. As a York, PA-based roofing company, we have developed a team of industrial roofing contractors who will take ownership of your roofing system’s health and make it their priority – call today and experience a full-service experience that will keep those roofing stresses off of your back!