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8 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

When you own a commercial building, your roof is often the most crucial component protecting your property from the elements. That’s why it’s especially important to ensure that it’s always well-maintained and provides the waterproof seal you need. Regular inspections by a professional commercial roofing contractor can help with this responsibility.

Eventually, though, all buildings will need a roof replacement. Luckily, your roofing contractor can spot some warning signs you need a new roof during their regular inspections. Whether it’s because there are cracks in the roof, the roofing material is old, or some other sign, you can prepare and budget for a roof replacement if you heed the warning signs.

Learn more about these tell-tale indicators in today’s blog post. For a professional roofing inspection to determine your roof’s condition, schedule your estimate with us now!

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Chapter 3: All About Commercial Roof Installation

When you’re constructing a new commercial building, like a manufacturing facility, restaurant, or retail center, the type of roof you choose to install will affect your company’s future for years to come. You’ll want to be sure that the roofing material is suitable for your building and the business you conduct. Believe it or not, a restaurant may need a different type of roof than a jeweler! You also want a roofer who has the experience to perform commercial roof installation for that roof system.

With over 60 years in the roofing business, Heidler Roofing can provide the expertise you need to learn about roofing solutions for your building. In this third installment of our Ultimate Guide to Commercial Roofing post series, we’ll cover what installing some of the most common commercial roofing systems entails.

From the decision-making process of choosing the most appropriate materials, making our professional recommendations to our customers, and designing the appropriate roof—we take the necessary time and craftsmanship to make sure the job is done right with a solid and long-lasting roof as a result.

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